Can my runner I’m chasing actually be a stayer? Not actually running from me but embracing separation and the journey and knowing we need to go down different paths right now.

It is after complete healing that I realized I have been the runner all along yet for the past two years, I have been treating our connection as if I am the chaser. My Twin Flame is happily embracing separation but I thought that he was running.

Now that I look back, it is me who initiated separation because of fear. I told him that I was overwhelmed by my feelings and therefore I was going to disappear. I started all this.

if I had embraced my situation as a runner, I could have saved myself from the prolonged pain that I went through but I guess it was part of my learning process.

How To Surrender To Self-Love: TWIN FLAME SELF-HELP GUIDE 11:11

Anyways, he has always stayed up in my life. He keeps in touch with updates about his life for the past two years and I never realized that it was me who was fearful all along.

It is true that my Twin Flame is always with me in the soul but we are physically separated by the distance. I told him that I was afraid of physical separation and he said that he knows that already.

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There is no wrong experience on the Twin Flame Journey. There are just lessons to be learned. Thank you for this question. I hope that my answer helps.

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Stay Blessed!

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