Why does my twin flame start communication via texts and when I ask a question as simple as how are you, it takes days to weeks to respond when he is still online?

A year ago, my Twin Flame texted me; “Thank You for being You!”, this was out of the blue after over 8 months of total silence.

I was very surprised by his message, and I wrote back saying, “It has been a long time since you said anything to me, and I am afraid of being “bad” again.” — This is because I told him my feelings before and he just went completely silent because he said that I make him uncomfortable.

The runner realizes that they will never have such an authentic connection with anyone because their Twin Flame is Unique from everybody else that they ever knew before and after they run from their Twin Flame.


He wrote back later saying, “You should stop talking to me because you make me uncomfortable” — lol.

I wrote back to him saying, “I knew you would say this, I saw it coming”

How To Surrender To Self-Love: TWIN FLAME SELF-HELP GUIDE 11:11

My advice, do not stress about this. Let your Twin Flame experience their side of the connection however they want because it is frustrating trying to make sense of their behavior.

If you want to know how your Twin Flame is feeling when they do not respond back, try to ignore their texts as they do. You will realize that somehow if you are not healed within, your Twin Flame just brings more fear to you when they reach out to you.

Give your Twin Flame time and besides, you will realize as you grow on your spiritual journey that you do not need to constantly talk to them to feel whole. You are already whole within yourselves.

Focus on you and do you!

You are amazing! I wish you the best of Luck!

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Stay Blessed!

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