What will happen to a Twin Flame runner, if the Twin Flame chaser’s minds are in 5D (a feeling of peace) and surrender stage?

My Twin Flame showed me how to love myself again, and I relearned to set healthy boundaries for myself. I did not have boundaries at all.
How To Surrender To Self-Love: TWIN FLAME SELF-HELP GUIDE 11:11

The runner’s energy starts to pull at the chaser’s energy more intensely than before. It actually gets annoying to the chaser because the energy pull can feel like an intense heartache.

Even if the chaser feels healed and at peace, you start to experience a minor dark night of the soul because of the chaser channels the runner Twin Flame’s longing.

The runner Twin Flame starts to feel the vacuum that is created within the connection because the chaser’s energy is no longer pulling at the connection as before. The runner can not run anymore because there is no chasing anymore. The runner actually misses the chase as it was before.

The intensity of the Telepathic communication becomes overwhelming to the chaser because the runner is intensely pulling at the connection in thoughts, emotions, feelings and energetically.

Also, when I opened up to my Twin Flame, I just wanted to reassure to him that I still love him and I just needed time for myself. I wanted him to understand that I trust him and I will always be here when the time is right.
TWIN FLAME AWAKENING 11:11: A Simple Guide For Newbies

If you have been a chaser, you realize that you start to understand how your runner Twin Flame felt like before when you were pulling at their energy through the chase.

You also start to feel the runner energy; it feels like you want nothing to do with the connection especially because you are healed and also because you now understand that your Twin Flame longs for you and wants you like you were longing for them when you chased.

Follow your heart and intuition. No matter how wrong the situation looks, your inner Guide is the compass.

If the chaser is not completely healed, you literally can run from the connection because you feel like you are over it. The former chaser can have feelings of running by trying to block your Twin Flame communication, i.e. You can be tempted to block them on social media, or even try to delete your own profile.

After the chaser heals, you feel empowered to live your own life peacefully because you are now used to living life without your Twin Flame.

Feeling your former runner’s energy as a former chaser gives you complete SURRENDER.

Now, the one who was chasing understands. How it feels to be a runner.

Stay Blessed!

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