Why do twin flames pass each other through life? Mirroring similar events around the same time but never meeting.

When you see yourself in the mirror, you see your Twin Flame stare back at you. This is because you are completely merged in energy. You admire yourself the same way your Twin Flames adores you.
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From my experience, divine timing is always at play in the lives of both Twin Flames. There is always Soul Lessons to be learned both in physical separation and in Union. HOW TO MANAGE TWIN FLAME SEPARATION.

But this is good because once you encounter your Twin Flame, you realize how you have coincidently missed each other in various ways in life.

Then when physical separation happens, it is challenging to stay in alignment energetically because the Twin Flames are stuck in both feelings of remembrance of the love that they both share in the connection and the pain of separation. It is until one learns to stay strong in themselves to balance the Twin Flame energy they both share. Harmony in energy brings healing to the shared Soul.

But separation also teaches lessons of Soul Growth for Twin Flames to understand that there is no separation at all in a Twin Flame connection.

In separation, you also learn that you have always been connected with your Twin Flame even before you glanced at each other. In moments of serenity and meditation, you remember the connection to your Twin Flame in the past.

Divinity is always at play here.


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