Can the twin flame chaser be the runner and the runner be the chaser at the same time?

The runner’s energy starts to pull at the chaser’s energy more intensely than before. It actually gets annoying to the chaser because the energy pull can feel like an intense heartache.

When I was running, it felt like I was chasing my Twin Flame, I kept thinking that my Twin Flame does not want me so I denied myself the desire to feel the connection completely.

In physical life, however, I was exhibiting behaviours or chasing. I could not stop obsessing over contacting my Twin Flame no matter how much I tried.

Because I am the one who Initiated the no contact phase, I made my Twin Flame more uncomfortable every time I contacted him because now that I look back, it must have been so confusing to him.

I acted like I did not want him yet I could not stay away from him.

I was so tormented by my confusion about what was happening to me.

Now that I have healed myself, I feel balanced from within that I am not afraid to open myself up completely to the Twin Flame Love.

Stay Blessed!

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