I have been in absolutely zero contact with my Twin Flame for past 1 year, every time I try to initiate contact he ignores me so I stopped contacting him, he left me no choice. Will this hinder the union?

Keep doing your soul work and grow. Once you completely Surrender, your Twin Flame will feel your healing.

The more you heal, the more your Twin Flame will feel you. Your healing is theirs too because you are one Soul.

As you heal your wounds, you will feel that pure love that you were so immersed in when you first encountered your Twin Flame.

The more you feel balanced in your Twin Flame energy, you begin to feel the Oneness with your Connection.

The more you merge into being your Twin Flame, the more real your connection becomes.

Your Twin Flame will feel pure love in you.

Both your hearts start to radiate that pure unconditional love towards each other as you merge more into a state of being of unconditional love.

Self-love will attract your Twin Flame back home.

I hope this helps.


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