It doesn’t matter too much in the grand scheme, but how long did it take you to realise you’ve met your twin after the initial meet?

 When I found my Twin Flame, I was married. He found me in my own Home, every day I replay that moment I first saw him. I did not know about Twin Flames, not until we physically separated later.
TWIN FLAME AWAKENING 11:11: A Simple Guide For Newbies

For me, it was after we physically separated because we are coming from different continents.

After a brief time together, I was hit by a wave of shock because I missed my Twin Flame terribly.

I started to wonder why I could still feel him in myself, I could Channel his feelings and I could not stop myself from reaching out to him.

I realized that this was not an ordinary kind of love. This is when I started to look for answers as to why I was feeling this way.

2 months into awakening, I started learning about Twin Flames.

It’s been two years of physical separation and I gave up chasing him.

Today is his birthday but I am chill, I will not initiate any contact because I am over the chase.

I am happy being myself, I love the new me –

I hope this helps.


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