What happens after you let go of chasing your Twin Flame?

When you are starting to let go, you are tormented by your emotions because you can feel your Twin Flame energy pull back at you.

The runner Twin Flame starts to feel the vacuum that is created within the connection because the chaser’s energy is no longer pulling at the connection as before. The runner can not run anymore because there is no chasing anymore. The runner actually misses the chase as it was before.

The more you let go, the more you feel your Twin Flame partner wake up in the connection. Your choice to withdraw your energy and focus on yourself tweaks a change in your energy dynamic.

This is quite challenging because you start getting flooded with your Twin Flame energy. You start to channel their pain and chaotic emotions.

Channeling your Twin Flames pain is much more intense than feeling your pain but it passes quickly since you are familiar with it already. It reminds you of your previous dark night of the soul.

As you learn to get used to the new change in your energy dynamic, you keep leading more soul lessons as you grow in energy to balance both your shared Twin Flame energy.

Healing happens gradually as you ascend on your Journey but you still keep channeling your Twin Flame energy.

If your Twin Flame is still experiencing their dark night of the soul, you experience it too but it is easier this time because you are healing. Therefore the pain does not last long.

You keep learning to balance yourself within as you learn your soul lessons.

You start to realize Love Lessons learned, and you also love the new You. As you keep loving your new state of being, you become stronger to keep doing the good work.

You feel empowered within yourself to look back on your Journey to appreciate your experiences.

Soon you completely SURRENDER and you don’t need to see your Twin Flame to feel the Love because you have discovered the Truth that there will never be a separation in a Twin Flame Connection because you share a Soul.

Then you start preparing yourself to see your Twin Flame again because you know that you are ready. As you wait for divine timing, you receive signs of Love manifesting in your Life.

The Telepathy between you and your Twin Flame becomes Real. You feel like you are completely living in each other in thoughts, feelings, energy, and emotions.

You know Union is yours! ❤️

I hope this helps.

Stay Blessed.

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