Why do I feel scared about the thought that I will physically reunite with my Twin Flame?

I have been experiencing this the past two weeks yet I feel healed and happy within myself. I realized what has been causing this, and I found a simple solution. For two days now, the fear of seeing my Twin Flame again dissolved.

Here is how, and why.

When I was busy purging my fears and emotional pains, I felt like my Twin Flame Process was in a “pause” mode. Some moments felt like I was stagnant until I found Surrender.

In Surrender, I found healing and peace within myself. I found realizations about this whole Twin Flame Journey, and I also could look back and reflect on my Soul lessons.

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After healing and Surrender, I did not know what to do next. After you heal and find peace what comes next?

I have been reading about answers that clearly state that you go into Union after you unite yourself with but that was not the case for me.

Once you Surrender and heal, you come to a place of quiet. Peace, harmony and you feel the unconditional love within yourself but you start to wonder what to do next.

For me, it is like I was in a “waiting mode” for nothing in particular. I started feeling nervous every time I thought of Union with my Twin Flame. I feel ready to see him again but I was feeling so overwhelmed.

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Be Careful what you wish for because you may get it.

In this state, I had to choose to feel nervous or Desire the Union that I have been obsessing about all along for two years.

I chose Union.

Once you choose the Union, you have to prepare yourself and get ready for it. It is another Journey that you embark on but the only difference is that Love is Alive in you. Everything you think, feel, say or do directly points you in Union.

But in this phase, you are working with FREE WILL. Both yours and your Twin Flame.

On my end, I want Union with my Twin Flame so I chose to work towards it.

To completely feel that you want Union, you must believe it in yourself with the conviction that it will happen because you deserve it.

I created affirmations to tweak my consciousness to shift from the “Waiting” mode to Desiring Union. It is what I want but I had to believe in Union and also want it.

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Simple affirmations have completely shifted my thinking and desires. The fear and nervousness of seeing my Twin Flame again are gone. TWIN FLAME BOOK OF POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS: Soul Growth Inspirations

After that, my energy is completely in alignment with the “Bubble Phase Energy” that I had when I was with my Twin Flame physically.

I have started doing things that I did with my Twin Flame, the only difference is that he is not yet here but it feels like he is around, I just haven’t glimpsed him yet.

Day by day, I completely feel ready to see my Twin Flame again.

Here are positive affirmations that I lamented on: What can you do to Shift out of the “waiting” state after Surrender and Healing to aspire to a Union with your Twin Flame?


I hope this helps.


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