Why does it seem like it’s easier for my twin flame to forget about me?

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Yesterday was my Twin Flame’s birthday and I did not say a word to him like I have been doing for the past two years. It may seem that I forgot about him but I spent all day wondering how his birthday went.

I feel liberated from the stress of always wanting to reach out because yesterday proved that I have grown, am healed in myself. I have no fears of abandonment. Yet I can not take my Twin Flame off my mind.

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If you want to know how your Twin Flame feels about you, try forgetting them. Let me know if you succeed. The more you try to forget your Twin Flame, the more your shared energy becomes more intense.

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There is no forgetting a true Twin Flame Connection; you are always constantly thinking of each other because you are connected at the Soul.

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The ego tries to tell you lies that your Twin Flame has forgotten about you but if you believe your connection, you will realize that you and your Twin Flame are both capable of doing the same things; you may do it in a different style but you both mirror each other.

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You are saying that it is easier for your Twin Flame to forget you because you are hiding from the truth, your Twin Flame is you!

As a former runner, I discontinued our physical relationship but the energetic connection grows stronger every day. The more I ran, the more I kept being reminded of my Twin Flame.

It has taken me two years to heal but I feel like my Twin Flame is half of me.

The Twin Flame Connection is a True Authentic Bond.

I hope this helps.


Stay Blessed!

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