Why did I not feel an instant connection with my Twin Flame?

This is the most naturally authentic way to meet your Twin Flame. For me, once I saw him, I gasped with relief! It’s like everything about me started to make sense.

I became whole; I felt like all my life, I was searching for something or someone but I did not know that it was a Him! (I was married by then). Here is my Twin Flame Awakening Experience when I first encountered my Twin Flame for the first time.

I used to feel like an outsider everywhere I went when I was growing up, there was always an added pressure to connect with people, I struggled to feel understood by others and most times, I struggled to accept myself. I always felt insecure in some way.

When I met my Twin Flame, I relaxed in myself, I accepted myself and I did not care if others accepted me or not because he completely showed me that I am perfect and I am the One for him.

With all this happening, I did not know about Twin Flames, and I did not realize the Strength of our Connection until we physically separated after 3 weeks of bonding.

Because I was married, I was surprised that there is another Special kind of “bond” that I could have with someone else — at some point, I asked myself; “How can I be in love with two people?”

By the time I realized that I was going through a Twin Flame Connection, I was already consumed by all sorts of chaotic emotions— I was also resisting the feelings of being a Twin Flame. I had to learn ways how to Manage the pain of physical separation from my Twin Flame and I wrote some of the tips here. As time went on, I grew strong enough to go through the Twin Flame Experience on my own.

Look at me now! I changed my life completely to embody this Twin Flame energy. I had to let go of my old life so that I allow myself to be consumed by the Twin Flame Experience.

Are you struggling with Self-Love? You can begin to rediscover your true authentic self by learning how to Surrender to Self-Love.

I divorced, and I don’t want to be with anybody else but my Twin Flame. It’s been two years since I learned about the Twin Flame Experience and I trust that what is mine will come back to me.

I can’t wait to see him again!

Thank you so much for this question, I wish you the best of luck on your Journey — Learn to Surrender to your Twin Flame experience like this! Twin Flame Surrender


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