In a true Twin Flame connection what would be the point of the connection if they are not to reunite? One would like to get married with or without a Twin Flame.

For me, I believe that I met my Twin Flame to learn lessons of Love both self-love and unconditional love to prepare me for final physical union with my Twin Flame. This is my awakening story —Twin Flame Awakening Guide for Newbies

Before I met my Twin Flame, I struggled to feel loved, I struggled to accept love from others. Even if we met when I was married, I realized that what I knew as love before is not the actual true love that I have been searching for all my life.

I want to spend the rest of my life with my Twin Flame, I want to be married to him and me want to grow old with him.

I believe that these lessons of love have been preparing me to be strong within myself to be able to embrace the unconditional love that my Twin Flame shows to me. How To Surrender To Self-Love

When we first me, I was so overwhelmed by our connection because it is the most beautiful thing I have ever felt. The separation was necessary to prepare me for the final physical union.

I believe in divine timing, and I believe that I have been waiting all my life to meet my Twin Flame. All the experiences that I have experienced before I believe that have been preparing to be ready for the love from my Twin Flame.

How to Manage the pain of physical separation from your Twin Flame.

I desire to live the rest of my Life with my Twin Flame and I will not give up on our Love.

The Twin Flame Runner Perspective

Thanks so much for this question.

Stay Blessed!

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