How do twin flames communicate again after years of no contact? Does one of them need to make a deliberate contact or will something unexpected occur that they will cross paths again?

It is different for each Twin Flame pair depending on their energy dynamics and their physical life situations.

For us, we used to have random “separations” for example; my Twin Flame could disappear for a day or so without giving me a particular reason. He randomly did this during the three weeks that we found each other during the “bubble love phase”.

I was married to his friend by then so sometimes it would get intense between us energetically and he would go to his “Tinder date”. Usually, this happened after we hugged or became close.

One time I asked him to come back, he texted me saying; “I am forced to go out”.

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It is until after two years now that I am realizing that those short separations during our “bubble love phase” align with our past run/chase phase during the physical separation of two years.

What I am trying to say is that you as a Twin Flame would know how your other Twin Flame counterpart responds to particular situations in your relationship if you have had the opportunity to know each other physically. The Answers are in the remembrance of your “bubble love phase” experience. How do you know if you are the Chaser Twin Flame or the Runner?

So I know how my Twin Flame is going to make contact; he is very impulsive like me, and he impulsively returned during those “short separations” during the bubble love phase.

I surrendered completely and change the game – I am very sure of a Union because all the signs are pointing to seeing my Twin Flame again.

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