What are signs I am in alignment with my twin flame?

For me, apart from my inner knowing and complete energy healing, it’s the Telepathic Connection that I share with my Twin Flame that confirms our energy alignment.

Both our energies feel completely healed within our shared connection because there it’s no energy pull or pushes in the connection, there is only harmony.

I feel balanced within myself, and I can also feel my Twin Flame feeling energetically balanced within themselves such that we are both able to keep a harmonious energetic relationship constantly.

Even if there is turbulence in the connection, it does not last long because each day that goes by, our shared energy gets stronger and smoother to keep in Harmony. Here are more way how to Manage the pain of physical separation from your Twin Flame.

Because of the harmony in the connection, I feel blissful every day. My Twin Flame is present in my dreams, and it is peaceful feeling his energy unlike during the dark night of the soul when I had Chaotic dreams.

Naturally, I have these mental conversations with my Twin Flame’s higher self about our future; I am healed and ready for the next chapter of my life because my old life is gone.

We keep making future plans for us in meditation, and in times of Soul Bonding.

Energetically, you completely merge with your Twin Flame. You realize that this Twin Flame Journey was teaching you to accept that you share a Soul with another.

After learning the Soul lessons, you completely accept your fate; you will always be a Twin Flame. You will always share your Soul, so you accept to deal with this fact forever.

Once you are in energetic alignment with your Twin Flame, you are no longer yourself. You feel half of you is taken over by your Twin Flame, your body, mind, and Soul.

You start to understand the meaning of the word “We”. Even in your thoughts, you start to think together, you contemplate your thoughts as if you are having a discussion with your Twin Flame.

You feel androgynous. You feel both your masculine and feminine energy Alive in you, this can also affect your sexual attraction with other people who are not your Twin Flame. You start to feel like no one else can match up to how you feel; no one else can sexually satisfy you but only your Twin Flame energy.

Now I understand why I have been uninterested in dating other people since my divorce two years ago after I encountered my Twin Flame. The Twin Flame Runner Perspective.

That being said, you are always channeling your Twin Flame sexual energy. It feels like you can climax yourself instantly. It’s like your Twin Flame is the one touching you. You can feel your own electricity through yourself.

You start to prepare your physical space as if you are expecting your Twin Flame to walk through the door. You know that you must get ready because the hard work of purging your pain is over. You know that Union is imminent and your Twin Flame must find you well prepared.

Because of your new authentic self, you have a fresh perspective at life. You purge your life one more time, you reorganize your life starting with friends, work, relationships, etc. This is very easy for you because you have no fear in you.

When you see yourself in the mirror, you see your Twin Flame stare back at you. This is because you are completely merged in energy. You admire yourself the same way your Twin Flames adores you.

You start to take care of your body, your well-being, and health. This is because you now realize that you are not living for just yourself but also for your Twin Flame too. Your eating habits change, and your social lifestyle.

How To Surrender To Self-Love

Lastly, do you remember the initial encounter? The first time you both Twin Flames found each other? Remember the positivity energy vibration and unconditional love? You completely feel the same way as the “bubble love phase” but you feel more mature in energy. You now understand why everything happened the way it did. You feel grateful for your hard work and you appreciate your soul lessons.

You feel ready to put into practice your new Soul Lessons with your Twin Flame.

I hope this helps.

Twin Flame Surrender

Stay Blessed!

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