During separation, I feel harmoniously about our twin flame connection, and I think I have surrendered. Others, I cry just because I miss him. Why?

Because you are human and you are going through a healing process of Twin Flame Awakening. Sometimes you may think that you have healed but then a pain pops up and brings you back to healing your core wounds.

This process is for only a short period and you will start to just flow in continuous harmony and bliss — keep yourself in Surrender.

The Twin Flame journey is inadvertently the most soul invigorating experience because everything about it is very unexpected and surprising because of the life-changing love lessons that you learn as you go through the adventure.

It is indeed frustrating when you cannot stop your thoughts racing towards your Twin Flame incessantly even though sometimes you want to forget them and move on with your life.

These are Twin Flame Fun Facts

This is a very beautiful phase because you also get to enjoy this connection at this stage because no matter how much you miss them, you feel great about yourself – through Self-Love.

Sometimes you just feel your Twin Flame miss you back and that is why you cry. You can not control their feelings but you can learn to let it flow in you.

When you are triggered into the Awakening to unconditional love by your initial Twin Flame encounter, you learn various lessons of love but most of all, you begin to understand the essence of humanistic themes like authenticity, awareness, compassion, spirituality, self-transcendence, wholeness and integration. This is my story about the Twin Flame Awakening Process.

The fleeting pain of physical separation from your Twin Flame is only temporary once you choose to work on yourself.

Keep doing the great work of your Soul Growth Inspirations.


Blessings to you!

Stay in Love!

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