Is it possible to know who your twin flame is before meeting them

I will only share my experience — I would never have accepted that the experience of Twin Flames is real —If I had not met my Twin Flame in person. It was like meeting myself.

This person now called my Twin Flame had been around in my life but we both knew each other in passing for almost 5 years. A year before we physically met, we almost had lunch together organized by a mutual friend.

I spoke with him on the phone two weeks before we met but I did not feel anything Special about him — I found him quite annoying in general; too uptight, a snob and somebody who is too high maintenance — such people bore me usually.

I did not expect to get along with him, I had to be a nice host for more than a week and I knew that we would part our ways. I had no expectations about this person. I could not wait to Part ways with him before I met him.

Our conversations hit it off right away as if we were catching up from our past life when I met my Twin Flame— we could just flow in each other’s energy. I felt free to be with this person — I wanted to hear them talk forever. Each sound he made filled me up with comfort. This person understood me in every way possible.

After over 10 hours of into our first day of the meeting — we locked eyes — from there on, I knew that this person that I just met is Special. I knew that it is Him that I have been looking for yet I did not think that I was Looking in the first place. I knew that he is the reason why I am alive — he is my other half — My equal energetic partner.

I hope my answer helps with your question. Stay Blessed.

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