What does it mean when you start liking someone else other than your twin flame?

I have been attempting to do this and it feels good to find someone who pays attention to you and cherishes you back — it is a relief feeling cared for after dealing with the pain of physical separation from your Twin Flame. It is a relief from the stress of wondering if your Twin Flame will ever end up with you. It is also such a beautiful distraction from the loneliness of the Twin Flame process.

It feels good to be around someone who loves you back.

Meeting this new person has not been an entirely peaceful process; I am so afraid of looking him the eyes as deeply as I do with my Twin Flame because I know that I have found unconditional Love already in my Twin Flame’s eyes. I am afraid of letting this person fall in love with me because I know that I will never love him as deeply as I love my Twin Flame.

This new guy in my life is so different from my Twin Flame but still, I can not help but see my Twin Flame very time I see him. I ache more than deep Twin Flame connection — in every way.

My Twin Flame connection has pinned my heart down — it is just so difficult to let anyone in — and I have been getting interests from so many wonderful guys.

I hope that my answer helps. Keep doing the great work of Soul Growth Inspirations. Stay in Love and Blessed!

Keep Love in your Heart! ❤

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