What is the most supernatural thing that happened on your twin flame journey

The Telepathy that I share with my Twin Flame keeps getting more intense as I progress with the Twin Flame Journey. I feel like I merge with my Twin Flame in consciousness each waking day — it is becoming so real.

I imagined that after two years of being in physical separation, I would eventually move on from feeling him — I thought that if he starts to move on from me, the connection between us would dissolve eventually but the opposite is true.

Even if you do not see the results of your Twin Flame connection as fruits in the physical union — the connection spiritually keeps getting better, purer and more realistic as you keep learning your Soul lessons.

Every day that I wake up to, there is more progress in how I feel. Even if I am in total doubt of my Twin Flame connection, I still feel the connection to my Twin Flame work through me.

Lately, I feel like I share the same mind and heart with my Twin Flame and I have not seen him in two years. He is present in my dreams as if he is with me physically — sometimes I wake up feeling his embrace — his essence is very strong that it feels like he is holding me.

Sometimes I feel a strong pull energetically as if he is pulling me towards himself with his emotions and thoughts. I feel connected to my Twin Flame more than ever before. I Love him so deeply — when I close my eyes, I feel like he is looking back at me as always are when we are together.

I feel this real excitement within myself; it’s like all my dreams have come true already! — I feel like the life of my dreams is already happening right now. I feel amazing!

I wish you Blessings and Love!

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