Can the chaser fully Surrender even if Twin Flame maintain regular (‘non-romantic’) contacts? Or does surrendering necessarily require Separation (no contact at all)?

What makes the chaser chase is not the physical circumstance, rather it is the underlying core love that they feel for their divine counterpart. The intensity of the connection gets very strong that the chaser feels compelled to chase. It is like a magnet is pulling at your Soul from your Twin Flame Runner.

Remember both Twin Flames keep triggering each other into this energy push and pull because they are one Soul.

Both Twin Flames feel each other’s pains and desires; from my experience, the runner keeps channeling the chasers fears more strongly than their desires if one Twin Flame is in running mode.

Whereas the chaser channels the desires of the runner more strongly, therefore, they feel attracted to the runner who is pulling away because of the intensity of the fear they are channeling in the connection.

These energy roles can reverse.

Confronting the Truth of your physical relationship will help with the chaser healing. If you wish to relate with your Twin Flame in a platonic way, please make that clear – but also understand that it may trigger her “running mode” and you may start chasing her because of the fear of losing her.

Face the facts head on, it will trigger healing for both of you. Surrendering To Self-Love will help you to re-discover your Authentic Self.

You are the same as your Twin Flame.

Stay Blessed. ❤️

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