Now that I’ve written a tearful letter to my Twin Flame saying I’ll always be here if he needs me in the future, but I’m letting him and expectations of having a relationship go (which was freeing) is feeling longing/hope he may be back someday bad?

Love always wins in the Twin Flame Awakening Journey, so keep the love that you feel for your Twin Flame flowing towards them unconditionally as you keep learning to give your Twin Flame space to be themselves.

It is very healthy to express your genuine feelings to your Twin Flame as you are letting go because you know that at least your Twin Flame knows how you feel. Surrender.

On the other hand, your Twin Flame is also reassured that you are taking space for your self which is healthy instead of running away. Runner Perspective.

Embark on your healing process with the end in mind; what would you love to achieve at the end of your healing? How would you Love to feel? What is your ultimate goal? What is your prize?

If you want to be with your Twin Flame someday, so be it? Do not be afraid to embrace the love that you feel, and have hope for your ultimate prize.

Love is Love. Soul Growth Inspirations.

I hope this helps.

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