How does the universe make the Twin Flame runner wake up and see that they really messed up from running away from the Twin Flame chaser?


Every waking moment of every day you are bombarded by things that remind you of your Twin Flame when you run, Runner Perspective — things like hearing their name randomly on Television, a song lyric can say particular words that your Twin Flame says to you, you can wake up sometimes and all you see is their birthday numbers on the clock, car number plates, everywhere!

If you try to deny the intense love that you feel for your Twin Flame, you are constantly bombarded by things that remind you of them like signs, smells, sounds, and you run into people who remind you of your divine lover. Here are some reasons why the Twin Flame Separation Phase is a Blessing in disguise.

our Twin Flame love keeps growing for you as much as your love keeps growing for them and you will always feel your hearts radiating love towards each other as you merge in Soul Oneness.


The Infamous Twin Flame Separation Phase

Longing for a Twin Flame never stops and you always feel a love pulling at your heart as a form of affirmation that your Twin Flame is feeling you and also longing to be back with you.

Twin Flame Fun Facts: do you know this?

The love heart pulling is a signal that your Twin Flame is either thinking of you, longing for, or is desiring to be intimate with you.

No matter how many times you try to sever the bond so that you can move on from your Twin Flame, you will always end up at the center of your connection: If a Twin Flame runs from their partner, do they feel the love connection still? Here is my experience as a Runner.

It also physically hurts when you miss your Twin Flame; you get love-sick and some days feel like you are in limbo with constant feelings of helplessness and restlessness. How do you know if your Twin Flame loves you?

Sometimes you can be in a crowd and you smell that familiar scent that only your Twin Flame wears, and sometimes you meet people randomly who have the same mannerisms as your Twin Flame. What is a sure sign that your Twin Flame loves you the way you love them?

When you choose Solitude, your thoughts race towards your Twin Flame; you remember their smile, their laugh or the remembrance of their voice. Twin Flame Runner Reunion Tips: How to return to the chaser


Embark on busking in your own Energy – this is a daily process. For you to grow your inner strength, you must be willing to open yourself up to the Alchemical change that was triggered by your Twin Flame. Here are some Positive Affirmations for your daily inspirations.

The Bubble Love Phase is when you meet your Twin Flame for the first time, acknowledge each other and also experience an intense energetic merging so that you can understand how it feels like to vibrate at the same energetic wavelength with your Twin Flame.

How do you move the obstacles on your Twin Flame journey to reunite again.

The Bubble Love Phase is the initial taste of the Unconditional love that Twin Flames feel for each other and it also sets a pace for the Twin Flame Journey.

Twin Flame Awakening 11:11

Does the Twin Flame Runner miss you and love you as much as you love them?

The essence of the Twin Flame journey is for you to discover that you are One with your Twin Flame and therefore, you must treat yourself the way your Twin Flame partner loves you; give unconditional love to yourself, appreciate you how special you make you your Twin Flame feel and feel grateful because you know what unconditional love feels like. On the Twin Flame journey, how do you know that you are going through the right experiences?

Loving yourself is indeed the greatest revolution because you not only feel good and happy about yourself, you also rediscover an authentic version of yourself. Here is how to start the Journey of Self-love.

The Twin Flame experiences exist to unlock more gifts of love into your life creating a meaningful life, helping those around you understand what happiness feels like, and living a life of authenticity. The Bubble Love Phase: How do you feel when you meet your Twin Flame initially?

In meditation, you see your Twin Flame’s eyes; it is like you are facing each other.

What makes the Twin Flame Journey Unique?

I felt the Soul intimacy as if we were both making love in the Soul — this always feels amazing because I always consumed by intense feelings of ecstasy and euphoria.

Sometimes I feel a Soul orgasm as if my soul is exploding with intense love and sexual feelings: What are the signs of meeting a Twin Flame?

The mental conversations; you keep conversing in your mind contemplating the situation as if your Twin Flame is beside you. The love is always present in a Twin Flame connection. You make plans with your Twin Flame in Telepathy all the time.

Does the Twin Flame Runner miss you and love you as much as you love them?

For me, on top of experiencing all that pain during the running phase, I was feeling constant energy pull from my Twin Flame. I found it difficult to date other people because I was constantly feeling my Twin Flame.

Sometimes, I could not leave my house for days because of the heaviness in my heart and constant longing to be with my Twin Flame until I learned to Self-Love.

I was hurting because I initiated our physical separation and I did not know what I was getting myself into – I did not know about Twin Flames then.

How do you manage to live life without the physical presence of a Twin Flame?

When I was dissolving my marriage, I was wondering how it would feel like to be married to my Twin Flame when I was hanging out with friends, I would Imagine my Twin Flame hanging out with us. When someone ever tried to date me, I would automatically compare the situation to my Twin Flame experience. Self-love Practices


Meeting my Twin Flame took over my Life. Even after two years without seeing him, I remember his eyes. Every time I close my eyes, I see Him.

There is no Running from a Twin Flame, it is just pure Torture! Understanding Twin Flame Telepathy


— Check out my Self-Help books to inspire you to keep up with your good work.

I usually advise fellow Twin Flames to accept that you will always be a Twin Flame; part of a shared soul. The Twin Flame Experience is here to reveal your authentic self by accepting to change and grow into your shared Twin Flame energy. Are you asking any of these Twin Flame Questions?

Twin Flame Love Lessons

I hope this helps.

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