I’ve decided to surrender my Twin Flame to the universe. Should I tell him clearly about my feelings before doing that?

And as you progress on your Journey, you realise that once your energy is perfectly aligned with your Twin Flame, you don’t need the physical contact because you live in each other at every moment. Runner Perspective

What does your inner truth ask you to do? The thought of Surrender is very liberating to the soul.

From how I know my Twin Flame, I had to tell him about my situation because we both trust each other.I tell my Twin Flame how I feel because I know that they already are familiar with my feelings.

Also, when I opened up to my Twin Flame, I just wanted to reassure to him that I still love him and I just needed time for myself. I wanted him to understand that I trust him and I will always be here when the time is right.

Very important more than anything, the first interactions for Twin Flames is very vital. It is the initiation of both Twin Flames into the Twin Flame Experience and it is an introduction to the new energy vibration that both Twin Flames share. Surrender To Self-Love

Expressing my true feelings frees my Soul; I embarked on Surrender peacefully, Telling my Twin Flame was also part of my energy healing process.

Follow your heart and intuition. No matter how wrong the situation looks, your inner Guide is the compass, here are simple ways to Manage the Pain of physical separation from your Twin Flame.

I laughed when my Twin Flame wanted us to keep the “friendship” while we were physically separated but the bond between Twin Flames is very disruptive — and there is no distinction between friendship or other strong feelings. I disconnected from him because I simply can’t just be friends with him, I want all of him.

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Stay Blessed!

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