My Twin Flame is 24/7 on my mind, we’r in separation and this pain is unbearable, I want to forget him, he’s stubborn, I want to focus on myself, how can I get my life back?

From my experience, once you encounter your Twin Flame, your old life changes; and you also transform as a person because of the Soul growth lessons.

Even if your Twin Flame is stubborn, you will still have to find peace within yourself on your own. Twin Flame Awakening Guide for Newbies

The harmoniously combined energy between Twin Flames is the ultimate feeling that for any Twin Flame Couple must achieve after the chaotic energy purge that the initial meeting triggers. For both the Twin Flames to find peace, they must find that Harmony within each Twin Flame to achieve wholeness — inner Union — while each Twin Flame is dealing with their own energy clearing.

I usually advise fellow Twin Flames to accept that you will always be a Twin Flame; part of a shared soul. The Twin Flame Experience is here to reveal your authentic self by accepting to change and grow into your shared Twin Flame energy. Twin Flame Runner Perspective

Because of the authenticity of the unconditional love between Twin Flames, they can still remember that love after decades of being in physical separation from each other.

Embark on busking in your own Energy – this is a daily process. For you to grow your inner strength, you must be willing to open yourself up to the Alchemical change that was triggered by your Twin Flame.

Self-love is one particular way to embark on your energy Healing. How to Manage the pain of physical separation from your Twin Flame. Self-love simply means honoring your preferences in every situation of your life, and you must choose yourself first.

Once you achieve that wholeness from within on your own as a Twin Flame, that is when you know that you have healed your own energy. The harmony that the individual Twin Flame achieves within themselves, equal to the Harmonious Energy Vibration that both Twin Flames feel when they are physically together.

Slowly, you will progress into healing as you Surrender to unconditional love.

Soon or later, the obsessive behavior to be with your Twin Flame will disappear, you will receive Harmony. How To Surrender To Self-Love

The initial meeting of Twin Flames also introduces both Twin Flames to the Energy Signature vibration of the shared energy of Oneness that Twin Flames share because of the one Soul they both share.

I hope this helps.

Stay Blessed.

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