What did you feel when you found your Twin Flame for the first time? How was it, personally or over the internet?

It is funny how neither of us expected the other to be who are to each other. We did not instantly know that we are Twin Flames to each other, but there was this instant familiarity that we both could not shake. It felt like we were catching up, like old friends from another lifetime.

I met my Twin Flame physically; in fact, he found me in my marriage; I was in my “natural element” — my story here — Twin Flame Awakening.I had never heard of the term Twin Flames and I did not expect to be a Twin flame myself; I denied this experience at first.

Before I met my Twin Flame, I spoke with him on the phone a week before because he was visiting my home. He sounded like a snob, and I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I could ever feel bonded to him the way I am two years later even if we are physically separated.

Back story — My Twin Flame had been indirectly present in my life ever since I met my ex-husband and I had been married for 5 years at the time we found each other. Matter of fact, a year before we met, I almost met him at a lunch that was arranged by my husband when I was visiting his home town but was not feeling well so I did not go. He went to school together with my ex-husband.

The day I met him, I did not feel anything weird feelings but we kicked off with different conversations and we got along very well my Twin Flame and me.

Later that night, my energy kept merging with his, at some point he whispered; “That’s my kind of Girl!”

Over dinner, I sat across; I was narrating a story and our gazes merged into each other. I could not stop looking in his eyes, and I went speechless for a moment. The look in his eyes triggered a special feeling in my heart, I could SEE him away from everyone else. It was like we were in a different energy bubble and other people were over there!

One sure feeling I had was that I could give up my life for my Twin Flame, I love him in a very unconditional special kind of way that is unchangeable.

I knew right away in my heart that I have Always Loved him.

After I physically separated from him; I was so confused by how intense our connection is and it got stronger every day — I had to find smart ways to Manage the pain of physical separation from my Twin Flame because I was tired of living in pain and fear for almost a year.

Are you struggling with finding Self-Love on your Twin Flame journey? Here is a simple guide on How To Surrender To Self-Love.

Stay Blessed!

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