What do you remember about your Twin Flame that sticks out the most?

Ahh, it is his individuality — he has his own personality. Most people who find me challenging usually tend to be intimidated by it but he knows me, and he sees me like no other.

When he looks at me — he sees me; he gets more curious every time our eyes meet. When you read the story of my Twin Flame awakening the time we found each other, our Energy merge began with us locking eyes. My life changed after that, we could speak with each other with our eyes.

His empathy towards me drives me crazy.

Also, I have loved before but not like this one. I love him completely. I love him the way I love myself. Every time I look at him, I see myself.

His smile is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I love to say things to him that make him laugh, even in the saddest of times. Haha

He annoys me sometimes when he says my feelings out loud. Lol — One day I tried to apologize to him for something so silly, he said; “do not dare apologize” — I was still contemplating my thoughts!!.

I miss his smell, these days I feel like I am Him — my deodorant smells like his Somehow — I miss him so much.

I miss his unconditional love. I miss the love in his eyes, the tender voice he uses on me when he hasn’t seen me in a bit. You can only appreciate the unconditional love that your Twin Flame reflects back at you by learning to Love yourself; here are simple ways on how to Surrender to Self-Love.

I miss the “Sureness” in the ways he loves me. He is not afraid to have me for himself. He marks his territory and I stand his ground.

I love how he takes time for me. He loves my company; we spend nights talking and being silly — One time we got drunk in the middle of a forest on safari, and he tried to pet a wild animal. I was scared the whole time haha — Thank god it was a friendly animal.

The way he trusts me; he opens up to me in a way that no one has ever done before. This is so authentic of him.

I have to stop writing – I miss him too much.

Here are simple tips and advice that I used to Manage the pain of physical separation from my Twin Flame. I wish you the best of Luck on your Twin Flame Journey.

Thanks for this question. I’m sending everyone Love and Blessings.


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