What is faith’s role in Twin Flame Love?

First and foremost, have Faith in what you are experiencing. It is a natural experience that happens to grow your Spirituality.

Have Faith in your inner knowing and intuition. Yes, you know what I mean. Only true Twin Flames understand the power of intuition on the Twin Flame Journey. Your Intuition is your Superpower and guide.

Faith in your Twin Flame. Believe that you are both going through the agony of being physically separated. You both miss each other so much.

Faith in your shared energy. The more you being that you are growing — the easier the process of being a Twin Flame gets. Believe that you will become your authentic self at the end of the journey. Surrender To Self-Love

Believe in your energy; you feel your Twin Flame through your energy – you both connect in your shared energy. Appreciate your good work towards keeping a positive energy vibration because it affects both of you.

Believe in divine timing; everything worked out eventually. Believe that the universe is working with you to give your deepest hearts desires.

Believe in your spiritual healing. It is true, the Twin Flame Journey benefits you more than your natural expectations. You are always surprised by the gifts and the love that manifests along the way.

Believe in your Shared Soul with your Twin Flame. You are both two parts of One Soul. You are One in love, in joy, in everything. Nothing and no one can change this. This is how to Manage the pain of physical separation from your Twin Flame. both found each other for a beautiful reason; not for pain — but to assist each other to heal. You both have free will to be with each other or not but you are Love Bound!

There is more self-help — Guide for Newbies.

I hope this helps. Stay Blessed ❤️

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