In the Twin Flame Journey there are ups and downs but the journey gets clearer eventually. Does anyone have better communication with their Twin Flame now than before?

When you start ascending into your Spiritual form after healing yourself, you start to crave the desires of Spirituality. This means that even physical contact with your Twin Flame becomes meaningless to you. Twin Flame guide for newbies.

The process of the Twin Flame Experience transforms you from the inside onto the outside. You have the inner power to manifest your desires easily, your physical world becomes easy to navigate. Your finances, life situations, and well being improve effortlessly.

Because you have no fear anymore, you create a life that suits your preferences the way you want it.

Now that your life becomes meaningful to you, you start to prefer the Spiritual form of your connection with your Twin Flame to the physical obsessions. Surrender to Self-Love.

You naturally are Telepathically linked with your Twin Flame, your communication with each other is very instant – you feel your Twin Flame desires too — I know that my Twin Flame is very much awake to our connection by how healed his energy feels and he badly wants to join our lives.

In Telepathy, you comfort each other, hold each other and you start conversations as if you are face to face with each other.

For me, I started having mental images of my Twin Flame’s Eyes; it’s like he is staring back at me. I also get the feelings of unconditional bliss when he looks at me so I love my new state of Spiritual well-being.

Soon or later, you will realize that you are your Twin Flame. You do not need physical communication to know how they feel. You already know. Here is how to manage the pain of physical separation from your Twin Flame.

Stay in Love! ❤️

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