I’m going to encounter my Twin Flame at a social event for a celebration. What do I do?

This is my advice;

  • Go into this whole encounter as a researcher to collect evidence about your previous Twin Flame Experiences to reaffirm what you have been going through in physical separation. Therefore you must prepare your list of questions or assumptions to lead you to the kind of information that you need to know out of your Twin Flame. This will also help you with having a new perspective on how to keeping growing as a Twin Flame after your reunion.
  • Track your Healing and Soul growth. First analyze the kind of person that you have become, and also think about the following.
  • Will your reunion trigger you into facing more pain and wounds within you that you have not fully healed from? If so, this is okay for you to feel a little bit of fear and nervousness to see your Twin Flame. Maybe you will be triggered into more profound healing that you need.
  • Will your reunion move to the next phase of your life to join Physically and grow old together? If this is what you both want, go into this reunion knowing that you are ready to be with your Twin Flame. Face your inner truth to check if you are ready for forever Union even if your next meeting is the first step.
  • Are you aware of your Twin Flame’s expectations of this reunion? Meeting your Twin Flame again may cause you more pain if they are only back to see you just because life out there is not working, and you seem to be an option. (Just saying).
  • Arm yourself with Empathy and unconditional love. Physical separation changes people, Soul lessons to grow will change who your Twin Flame was before — same as you have changed. Be prepared to understand your Twin Flame, and be prepared to be the best friend that your Twin Flame expects you to be.
  • Get your Closure. This is what all Twin Flames aspire to! Ask your questions without fear and be your True Authentic Self.

5. Express to your Twin Flame the new you, show up as your Authentic Self that your Twin Flame already knows and be You! Surrender To Self-Love

Thanks for the question. Stay Blessed and Congratulations! ❤️

Thank you, and Stay in Love!

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