Is something triggering the runners into wanting a union with their Twin Flames? I’ve noticed a lot of chasers saying their Twin Flame runner is attempting to reconcile.

This is what the Twin Flame experience is all about; meeting that special person who triggers you into a Spiritual Awakening that challenges you to look within yourself to clean all the past pain and fear that you have been harboring all these years.

Spiritual Soul Healing changes the game of the Twin Flame Process and this is felt by both the “runner” and the “chaser”. I will give you examples relating to my new found Bliss after healing my pain as a former runner. Twin Flame Runner Perspective.

You do not need to see your other Twin Flame counterpart to experience the change in your connection. In fact, Separation is essential because the Twin Flames themselves will realize the core strength they possess within themselves to embark on healing on their own separately.

Once a Twin Flame discovers the power of their personal strength and their responsibility in the Twin Flame Connection, the feelings of “Separation” heal — Once this happens, both Twin Flames will stop seeing or feeling each other as a “runner” or “chaser” —

My advice, keep your Heart open to Self-Love and commit to doing your Soulwork no matter what happens. Sometimes it feels like there is no progress happening on your Twin Flame Journey but you discover the effects later.

This is because there is no runner if the Chaser has healed from feelings of separation and Vice versa.

This is the most Alchemical experience I have experienced on the Twin Flame Journey.

The Process of “Oneness” takes over within both Twin Flames even if it is only one Twin Flame that is healed of the pair. If you are struggling with acceptingSurrendering to Self-Love, here is a beginner self-help guide.

If the runner still has more spiritual work to do on their end, the new combined energy of Oneness speeds up their healing process. This is because both Twin Flames start to work as a Single Energetic unit.

From my experience, this was the first step of the Soul Unification process with my Twin Flame that most people refer to as Twin Flame Union.

Twin Flame Union starts with learning to harness your Shared Twin Flame energy with your Twin Flame.

For me, I like to call this Part B of the Twin Flame Process.

In Part A, I struggled with Acceptance and Faith in my Twin Flame Process, Faced the Pain of resistance to Love within myself and finally Healed and I woke up to the Spirituality of the Twin Flame Love. You can Manage Twin Flame Separation pain like this!

Part B is the opposite of Part A. It is about embracing unconditional love in your heart, Practicing the Soul lessons of Self-love and finally learning to live the rest of your life with both your Twin Flame shared Energy of Oneness and your Twin Flame physically.

I believe that the Change from Part A to Part B in either or both of the Twin Flames triggers the Twin Flame Runner to grow from feelings of Separation into feelings of Soul Union hence the need to reconcile with their Twin Flame beloved.

This phase is amazing because you feel the Oneness with your Twin Flame; in Love, energy, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. You are One in every way!

Enjoy your Bliss! It is so magical being a Twin Flame.

If you are new to the Twin Flame Experience, here is a Beginner Twin Flame Guide for newbies.

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