Why did I lose my Twin Flame, and I also lost my love for other people? It feels like he stole my love.

Let me give you a fresh perspective. Can you believe that your Twin Flame has existed way before you met? Can you believe that you did not imagine them to be that kind of authentic being that they are? Awakening guide for Twin Flame newbies.

How amazing to have met your Twin Flame, you are one of the Lucky few.

That being said, let us do more reality check.

Your Twin Flame did not steal your Love. In fact, they manifested in your Life to show you how much love already exists in you. This is why you feel completely different from the “Older version” of you that existed before you met your Twin Flame.

The loss of love that you feel within yourself is a sign to show you that your Twin Flame was only a Trigger to help you taste what the feelings of unconditional love feel like.

You have to dig deeper within yourself to find that deep unconditional love that you share with your Twin Flame and the whole universe. Surrender to Self-Love.

Truth is that you can not go back to your old self, and you will not experience that euphoric love that you experienced with your Twin Flame in the “bubble love” phase. All that is gone.

The “bubble love” phase was just a Sample; you can not go back to it because when you meet your Twin Flame after both your healing, the intensity of your Love will be so much more than what you felt before.

Your energetic alignment will change how you saw love before, and you will experience the true Magic of being in a Twin Flame relationship.

It all starts with “baby steps” by acknowledging that it is you who is closing your heart off to experience the True Love that already exists in you.

How to manage the pain of Twin Flame physical Separation.

Find yourself first and everything else will fall in place.

I hope this helps.

I hope this helps

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