What should I do when I have a huge urge to talk to my Twin Flame during separation? Should I call, or I must wait for the urge to pass? What’s your experience in such conditions?

The moment I locked eyes with him, it was different — it felt special and real because we both acknowledged that looking in each other’s eyes had unlocked something from deep in both our Hearts.
I trusted him right away and my Soul feels very comfortable when I am with him.

For me what surprises me about my Twin Flame is how is free when he shows to me unconditional Love and he knows within himself that I am the woman for him — he has confidence in him that who we are to each other is Unique. I am so comfortable with receiving Love from my Twin Flame because I feel naturally drawn to him and everything that we do with each other magical.
Silvia Moon

The urge never goes away — you crave your Twin Flame every second of the day but I have some tips on how you can keep yourself happy even if you constantly yarn for your beloved.

The urge exists to teach you some of the following Soul lessons.

  1. Self Control — Embrace how you feel, do not try to suppress it because it is a natural response to being separated from your Twin Flame. Feel the emotions and embrace the love that you feel within you. How you feel is not a negative feeling, be thankful that you have this authentic connection with your Twin Flame that makes you feel whole.
  1. The lesson of Separation — The urge will teach you that no matter where your Twin Flame is in the world, you still feel their energy pull. Here are some tips on how to manage physical separation from your Twin Flame.You wouldn’t feel this urge towards that one particular person if it was not an authentic feeling. By now you know that Twin Flames are connected from the Soul.
  1. The lesson of True Love — You will also learn from feeling that urge to contact your Twin Flame about the lessons of True Love. No matter what wrong your Twin Flame did to you, you still have space for them in your heart. That is why you have this deep longing to reach out.

After we have seen some of the lessons that the urge is teaching you, how do you manage the Pain of Twin Flame Separation?

Accept the fact that you are one Soul. Your Twin Flame Soul growth is your Soul growth. Acknowledge that if they need space to work on themselves, it will benefit both of you and I testify to this fact. So embark on Self-Love Practices to help you continue with Soul Surrender.

Seek to understand to be understood — The Pain that you feel from being separated from your Twin Flame is mutual. When feeling this intense urge to reach out, ask yourself if your Twin Flame partner is in the right position to give you the response that you may need to hear when you reach out. Ask yourself if it is the right time to do it, if not then take a step back so that you do not complicate your Twin Flame situation.

Be positive — the universe did not show you your Twin Flame just to take them away. Your energy vibration must align with your deepest desires. You may want to reach out to your Twin Flame but it may not be the right time — so trust divine timing.

Everything and everyone in the universe is working towards assisting you with achieving your dreams and desires.

Be patient, and Believe! — This is a simple guide in Flame Awakening for Newbies

I hope this helps.

Stay in Love!

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