Does your Twin Flame make you feel a warm/fuzzy/tingly/dizzy sensation from your heart to all over your body while feeling like time has stopped?

Haha. You are so lovely — this reminds of my first time when I met my Twin Flame. Time stopped every time, all the time. I could feel like we were in our own bubble and everyone else was over there. — My Twin Flame encounter.

The essence of the Twin Flame journey is for you to discover that you are One with your Twin Flame and therefore, you must treat yourself the way your Twin Flame partner loves you; give unconditional love to yourself, appreciate you how special you make you your Twin Flame feel and feel grateful because you know what unconditional love feels like.

The Twin Flame experiences exist to unlock more gifts of love into your life creating a meaningful life, helping those around you understand what happiness feels like, and living a life of authenticity.

I met my Twin Flame for only 3 weeks but I don’t remember caring about the dates or time; I was just loving life. When it was time for separation, he said it to me regularly that he did not want to leave. We were soaked into each others energy.

We have been in Separation for two years now, but it feels like he said goodbye to me yesterday.

I feel EVERYTHING— the hugs, the kisses, everything, every day!

I remember the first time that I met my Twin Flame and the last time I saw him, I remember EVERYTHING in between.

The Soul is peaceful, always expanding with love — you learn that your Soul is your natural state and you must live life feeling safe within yourself and your natural state is to always feel inner harmony and balance no matter your physical life situation.

The Twin Flame journey is a Blessing because the Soul connection with your Twin Flame empowers you to embrace the change that you need to do in your life so that you can live a life of authenticity, meaning, and harmony.

Once you meet your Twin Flame, it is the most beautiful Curse ever!

If you are going through the pain of Separation, here is a simple self-help guide to ease your pain.

I hope this helps, stay Blessed!

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