My Twin Flame blocked me on every social media site except for one a month ago, and then after 3 weeks he blocked me on the one he didn’t have me blocked on before. What does this mean?

Keep away from social media. This is an emotional death trap. There is no way of telling if what your Twin Flame posts on social media are in real time or not. For me, I wrestled with conflicting feelings every time I saw a post from my Twin Flame, I wondered how he has so much time on social media yet he is not “calling me” all the time.
Twin Flame Chaser Pain: Why do Twin Flames Run?

I chased my Twin Flame for almost a year, and finally, I Surrendered and healed. This all happened two years ago when I was new to the Twin Flame experience. There is more of my Twin Flame Awakening Story here – The beginning of my Twin Flame encounter.

Lately, I am living the time of my life. After healing myself, I am happy to live life on my own without having the obsession to be with my Twin Flame — Of course, I want to spend the rest of my life with him if it is possible.

A month ago, my Twin Flame likes one of my Instagram posts out of the blue — then I realised that he has been following my posts.

Lastly, I always remember that specific moment that my Twin Flame expressed his genuine love towards me; for example, my Twin Flame and I both acknowledge that intense feelings that we both feel when we look in each other’s eyes. Positive Affirmations of Soul Growth Inspirations 

Noticing this, I lost interest in being on social media. Matter of fact, I deactivated my Instagram yesterday. I blocked him on my other social media platforms too.

  1. Social media drives me crazy; it is so confusing feeling my Twin Flame in Telepathy because he is different from what I see on social media. This confusion brings more doubt and emotional pain so I chose a life of peace.
  2. 5D Connection with my Twin Flame is Authentic and I feel whole within myself to care about what social media says. I choose the 5D Connection.
  3. If my Twin Flame wants an update about me, he should make direct contact. Social media is enabling him to stay “hidden” because he gets all the updates.
  4. After you learn your Soul lessons and heal from within, you are free to be your authentic self. You really don’t care about what social media says anymore because I learned how to Surrender to Self-Love like this.

I wish you the Best of Luck on your Journey!

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