Could the people who were the unawakened Twin Flame runner share their experience of awakening? How did you feel? What happened?

Well, there is no easy way to explain the feelings of the runner Twin Flame. Every time I look back at the reasons why I did not want to speak to my Twin Flame two years ago, I realize that I was full of pain and fear that originated from within myself. The Twin Flame Runner Perspective.

I wrote to him a very long letter explaining how overwhelmed I was with my feeling for him. I asked him not to “want me back”, and I told him that I was going to run and hide from him.

Now that I have healed within myself, I realize that I hurt my Twin Flame in the process of running away.

The love that you feel for a Twin Flame makes it impossible to date and love others because you always feel a Soul intimacy with them.

Sometimes if you try to move on from the connection with your Twin Flame and date someone new, it feels like you are cheating on your Twin Flame.

And, if you successfully manage to date someone new and even marries them, you always think of your Twin Flame and you wonder what life would be like if you had chosen them instead of your Karmic partner.

When I suggested that I was going to run from my Twin Flame, I felt relieved for a moment but then he responded back saying, “I think it is best if we don’t talk because your letter made me uncomfortable”.

Once I realized that I had messed up our communication; the universe started bombarding me with my Twin Flame’s memories, I could smell his scent in the air, I could feel him in my heart and the Telepathy between us intensified. How to Manage the pain of physical separation from your Twin Flame.

I could not stop thinking of him; my dreams became more chaotic than before and things went from bad to worse.

Because of the fear of my Twin Flame abandoning me, I started to chase him back. I was so afraid that I had messed up our relationship forever.

I went into the dark night of the soul – later embarked on healing through self-love: How To Surrender To Self-Love

The Twin Flame separation is indeed a Blessing in disguise and an illusion because you never feel separated from a Twin Flame no matter how exotic your disconnection tactics are.

Stay Blessed!

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