What does it mean to suddenly feel intense loneliness/longing for a Twin Flame connection after not feeling that way since before you met them?

You are waking up to the love that you have for this person. It is true that Twin Flame Love only gets stronger and persistent as you awaken.

From my experience, as long as your Twin Flam partner is awake to your connection, the Alchemical change in the connection begins whether the Twin Flame couple is aware or not. Twin Flame Awakening.

Your Twin Flame love keeps growing for you as much as your love keeps growing for them and you will always feel your hearts radiating love towards each other as you merge in Soul Oneness.

The love heart pulling is a signal that your Twin Flame is either thinking of you, longing for, or is desiring to be intimate with you.

No matter how many times you try to sever the bond so that you can move on from your Twin Flame, you will always end up at the center of your connection.

Awakening is a process of accepting your Spiritual experiences and becoming aware of the nature of your Spiritual being but the Twin Flame Connection is triggered instantly once these two individuals cross paths whether they are aware of it or not. That is why, some people don’t need to see each other physically— some Twin Flames meet over the phone, over the Internet, etc —

There is no physical separation between Twin Flames, the Connection naturally exists between the Twin Flame Couple. Of course, Twin Flames may not be able to physically join their lives together because the Timing may be wrong but soon or later a resolution happens.

These are some ways of Managing the pain of physical separation from your Twin Flam? It gets worse before it gets better. These tips that worked for me during the dark night of the Soul especially.

Forget about the ordinary way of relationships that we are conditioned to know, your Twin Flame Experience is going to teach you another kind of unconditional love.

Welcome to the Twin Flame Experience!

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Stay Blessed!

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