What happens when the Twin Flame Chaser gets angry and starts ignoring the Runner Twin Flame?

The Twin Flame Journey is a personal experience, Only you know how you are doing with your Process and it is Only You who understands what you are going through. Block the “Noise” out from the rest of us and keep doing the great work of your Twin Flame Journey.

Meeting a Twin Flame is like a beautiful curse because you are always haunted by thoughts of them after the initial encounter and the connection that you feel to them does not dissipate or fade but rather it keeps growing within you every day.

If your anger is not justified, it affects the relationship with your Twin Flame in a negative way. Remember that no matter how frustrating, the Twin Flame experience happens anyways between the two Individuals.

You can also end up in a physical relationship with your Twin Flame, but if you feel needy and insecure within yourself; the love that your Twin Flame will not be enough for you to be happy in the relationship.

You can choose to be happy as you experience the journey or you can keep doubting how you feel, try and disconnect from your Twin Flame, disguise your feelings for your Twin Flame by dating other people but you always feel the Soul Oneness that you share every moment of your day.

I have learned that your Twin Flame experience can bring you bliss, happiness, and inner harmony if you quickly learn to embrace the different aspects of your journey with an open heart.

It is also true that your old life changes and changes become the only constant in your life.

At the beginning of our encounter, I was free with him and I opened my heart completely to him because I didn’t even know anything about Twin Flames. I had no fear or pain at the beginning and I am back to feeling exactly the same way but better.

If you are afraid in any way about how others make you feel, you are either not experiencing a Twin Flame Journey and that is why you don’t Trust your inner knowing or you have so much deep-seated fear within yourself that you must work on to feel strong within yourself to not be shaken by other people’s ideas and words.

The essence of the Twin Flame process is the Spiritual element that comes with it. Whether you are angry at your Twin Flame or not, the encounter triggers a Spiritual awakening for both the Twin Flames. If you are new to the Twin Flame experience, here is a Starter — Twin Flame Awakening Guide for Newbies

Trust yourself to Let Go of your fears, and the neediness to control yourself, your relationship with your Twin Flame and your Life.

Remember that anger affects you the chaser, not the runner. Whatever that you are going through will affect your emotions, your mood and your perspective to your Twin Flame experience.

Twin Flame connection is all about unconditional love. You are Love itself so do not give up!

I have tried being angry at my Twin Flame sometimes but it did not work, I had to tame my ego myself, I had to discipline myself to accept to embrace this Twin Flame experience.

The anger that you are feeling is resistance within yourself. It is only you who knows why you are feeling this way. If your Twin Flame is triggering your anger, then you are your Twin Flame. There is a deep-seated pain within yourself that needs to be acknowledged. Positive Affirmations & Soul Growth Inspirations.Possessing anger will only push your Twin Flame away but how long will you accept to feel this way?

My advice, face yourself — accept whatever is not working with your Twin Flame relationship and keep growing. If your Twin Flame is ready to face you, make sure that you have dealt with the answer that you feel within yourself.

Love yourself every day! Are you struggling with self-love? Here is How To Surrender To Self-Love

Stay Blessed and in Love!

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