Being awakened to our connection, should I limit myself to only desiring to be with my Twin Flame?

I have also realized from my healing experience that it is very slow, and you get an opportunity to look within yourself more to purge whatever pain that could be lodged inside you. But no matter what, you are always feeling the unconditional love from your Twin Flame.

Take it from someone who has overcome this, do whatever that makes your Twin Flame experience easier every day. The Intensity of your connection, the longing and the missing of your Twin Flame are constant feelings. Therefore, you will always desire to be with your Twin Flame.

That being said, even if you are going through a Twin Flame experience, you are still existing in the 3D reality. You will still have to make daily choices that affect your life and others, you will have to keep yourself happy and healthy. You have to keep finding smarter ways to solve your daily challenges. Here are some simple ways on how to Manage the pain of physical separation from your Twin Flame.I understand what this feels like but it takes practice and patience with yourself to find that authentic you.

When you are triggered into the Awakening to unconditional love by your initial Twin Flame encounter, you learn various lessons of love but most of all, you begin to understand the essence of humanistic themes like authenticity, awareness, compassion, spirituality, self-transcendence, wholeness and integration.

Apart from understanding the different humanistic themes, you also learn to embrace the inherent struggles and paradoxes of human struggles as you learn smart ways to overcome the obstacles along your Twin Flame journey.

There has to be a balance between how you work with your Twin Flame Experience and your daily life. This is very challenging because the Twin Flame experience takes over your life once you encounter each other. You become someone new and yet you still have to deal with your natural environment, friends, family, work, children — many more responsibilities.

That is why Twin Flames go through so much change in their lives after they find each other. This is because they have to change their 3D reality in order to align with the new found energy in the Spiritual reality of a Twin Flame connection.

Both Twin Flames go through emotional battles within themselves to heal their personal inner emotional wounds to be able to fully embody their Twin Flame Shared energy – the Shared Energy of Oneness because they are One Soul. The Twin Flame Runner Perspective.

Naturally, you and your Twin Flame desire to be with each other. Therefore, it is essential to spend more time taking care of yourself because you are your Twin Flame. Show love to yourself and keep believing in yourself and the Love that you feel within yourself. This is How To Surrender To Self-Love.

Your Twin Fame is already yours and they will come back to you when you are both ready to embrace the shared energy within yourselves.

You will have to go through different Soul Lessons of Love to fully embody that strength within yourself to stay stable in your Twin Flame energy of Oneness. You will have to heal that emotional pain first; you will also feel ready to meet your Twin Flame again. Most of all, every time you will see yourself in the mirror, you will be so in love with yourself. Because your Twin Flame is You!

What is amazing is that you also feel your Twin Flame’s essence within you because you are constantly merging in energy. When your Twin Flame is sad, it hits you hard in your heart — for me, I could have this longing that would last all day, even if I tried to distract myself, I could feel so Bored by everything else. All I wanted was to meditate so that I could channel my Twin Flame’s energy. It is easy to bask in the love that you share at this stage of the Twin Flame Journey because you feel healed within yourself, and all you have is pure unconditional love in your heart.

Are you new to this Twin Flame experience? Here is a Starter Guide; Twin Flame Awakening Guide for Newbies.

I wish you Blessings and Love.

I hope this helps.

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