Did I do any wrong to look for my Twin Flame for the thousandth time, after I tried not to talk to him anymore?

I have been through this kind of frustration that you are experiencing, and I call it the “runner’s Guilt”. I also ran from him at first, and I blocked him at all my social media — when I was awakening to this experience, everything feels Strange and Confusion because of the conflict between the heart and the mind.

Before we chat away at this, I would like to tell you that what you are experiencing is entirely normal and I say this because I was also the “runner” at first and then I became the “chaser” as most labels call it.

From my experience, it is true that Twin Flame “runners” also experience Soul Shock once you are physically separated from your divine counterpart. The only difference is that the scenarios appear differently between the Twin Flame “chaser” and the “runner”.

For me, the shock came in afterward after I told my Twin Flame to stop talking to me because I was overwhelmed by my emotions. Once I blocked him physically, I was so shocked that I could still feel his energy even if we were Continents apart.

I was so confused by what I was experiencing because I could not control it and then it hit me that I could have spoilt my Relationship with my Twin Flame. I realized that what I was experiencing was not Ordinary because the Love I have for my Twin Flame was only getting stronger and deeper every day.

I panicked when I realized that I had messed up our relation between my Twin Flame and me so I started to call him, text him endlessly to say Sorry and I wanted things to get back the way they were before I ran. My Twin Flame only ran further from me and I chased him in all different ways; I unblocked him on social media but he refused to friend me back.

I tried to Contact my Twin Flame a million times but in vain. Every time I “chased” him, I was thrown into a certain kind of Soul Healing. I faced the Dark Night of the Soul during this chaotic time.

To answer your question, you are okay — you will finally Surrender when the time is right. For now, allow yourself to keep flowing with your Twin Flame process. Accept your feelings at every moment and keep your heart open with unconditional Love to both receive and give.

Thanks for asking this question, I wish you blessings and Love on your Twin Flame Journey.

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Stay Blessed!

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