Does the DF or DM pop in and out to check on the other? Why is that?

You It is true that your Twin Flame never leaves you, even if you are physically separated — they Lurk in the background of your Life. Your Twin Flame can’t help themselves but stay close to you no matter how challenging and difficult it is to stay physically present in your Life.

My Twin Flame told me that I make him “uncomfortable” after I told him how I feel for him.

For all these two years, my Twin Flame has been bouncing back in and out of my Life; it is like he never left — haha.

He is very much in touch with my closest friend, and if my friend asks him to chat, he drops everything he is doing to show up for Skype.

To answer your question; Why do they keep popping back?

Well, it is because it is part of the Grande design of the Twin Flame connection because Twin Flames trigger each other into Soil healing lessons. Once the Soul lessons are learned, your Twin Flame keeps popping back to bring more healing into your Life, and if both your healing aligns, it amalgamates into a Harmonious Union.

Separation is an Illusion when it comes to the Twin Flame connection.

Thanks for the questions.

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Stay in Love!

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