How did you make a conscious decision to not consume yourself of your Twin Flame when you have urges to reach out to them?


As I started to accept my Twin Flame experience instead of putting on a resistance, Self-Growth healed my inner wounds and pains. As I healed within myself, it also healed the pain that I was experiencing because of the physical separation from my Twin Flame.

As I healed from feelings of separation, I realized that I am always connected to my Twin Flame whether I am chasing him or in Surrender.

Realizing that I am always connected to my Twin Flame empowered me with so much inner freedom to learn to let go the stress — I learned to let go of the neediness to always be in touch with my Twin Flame.

The more I learned to Surrender, the more freedom I felt within myself. Eventually, I started feeling strong within myself to let the situation be. The freedom and self-love that grew from within myself filled me up and I started feeling complete without the help of my Twin Flame.

I also realized that Surrendering to healing is for my own benefit and the more I invite peace and loving feelings into myself, the better I feel in general.

It is true that Self-love heals all your inner wounds especially you get rid of that self-fear and personal insecurities and all that is left is your Authentic Self.


I pick these extra readings — self-help books for Twin Flames:

You can also have access to all my easy to read Twin Flame Books through here: Silvia Moon.

Stay Blessed!

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