Is the only way to reach union with your Twin Flame is to let go of attachment?

Not exactly, letting go of the neediness to feel attached to your Twin Flame is more for your happiness than the effect it will have on your physical relationship.

Look at it this way, Love sets you free from within your Soul, therefore you must Free yourself as well from your personal insecurities and Fear I order to freely give Love and also you must feel ready to receive the Love.

You can chase your Twin Flame to the end of the earth but you will still feel your own pain brewing inside you.

You can also end up in a physical relationship with your Twin Flame, but if you feel needy and insecure within yourself; the love that your Twin Flame will not be enough for you to be happy in the relationship.

You can attain a Union whether you still feel the fears of attachment but still, your Twin Flame is your Mirror; they will reflect all the wounding within yourself. Your pain will come to the surface and might end up running from your Twin Flame and the Connection.

From my experience; letting go is accompanied by Faith, Hope, and Trust that what is meant for you will always find it’s way back to you.

You must set Love Free, you must set yourself Free because Love is Freedom!

Trust yourself to Let Go of your fears, and the neediness to control yourself, your relationship with your Twin Flame and your Life.

Surrendering is a Sign of Inner Strength, Maturity and Self-Freedom.

I wish you the best of Luck.

I recommend these self-help Books to help you with learning to Surrender — You can read as a soft copy or as a Paperback.

If you are looking for more inspiration on your Twin Flame Journey, Please go here — Silvia Moon

Stay Blessed.

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