Why do your mind stay consistent on your Twin Flame? Does this resonate with your Twin Flame?

Don’t you feel your Twin Flame feel you back? — it is always a cycle of energy exchanges, feelings, emotions, and thoughts. A true Twin Flame connection is only complete if there is a flow of energy between Twin Flames back and forth.

This is why it is easy for Twin Flames to trigger each other in “running & chasing”, and also if there is an imbalance in the energy shared between the two Twin Flame, it brings up so much pain within the two individuals. This is why Twin Flames are Catalysts to each other’s Soul Healing and Growth because of the same energy vibration that they both share.

Sometimes I really want a break from thinking of my Twin Flame but even if I “shut off” my end of the connection and disconnect, I still can feel my Twin Flame’s energy in the “background” of my being.

Twin Flame is indeed tested during the phase of physical separation because it is amazing how I am still feeling connected to my Twin Flame after two years of “no contact”.

Once you meet your Twin Flame, and you both acknowledge this deep love for each other, nothing else matters in the World. The beautiful feelings of Love that is shared in the Twin Flame connection are so authentic and unforgettable.

The feelings of Love that I feel for my Twin Flame are so euphoric that sometimes I immerse myself in how I feel and I just get “high” floating in the shared energy of Oneness with my Twin Flame.

There is no way he is not missing the Love that we both share with each other. I am always thinking of him; it feels as if he is in my mind as much as I am in his. There is no doubt if my Twin Flame is thinking of me because I feel it, I know it and I Accept the feelings that I receive from him.

Once you meet your Twin Flame, there is no Forgetting — but only “REMEMBERING”.

Thanks for this Question.

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Stay Blessed!

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