Has speaking to other Twin Flames created more doubt, confusion and negativity in your own Journey?

Well, it depends on which Twin Flames that you are listening to. It takes a while for Twin Flame newbies to find legit sources of information about the Twin Flame Journey but eventually, as you grow more into trusting your own Twin Flame process, your Journey starts to make sense.
Twin Flame Awakening Guide — A Simple Inspiration for Newbies.

From my experience, I came to know about the Twin Flame term after a very long search for answers as to why I was feeling the way I do about my Twin Flame; there was no answer that was right to the questions that I had about my experience.

For me to finally accept that I am now on a Twin Flame Journey, my inner knowing was my Compass — your inner knowing will help you to understand if the information that you are reading or the people that you are listening to are resonating with what you already KNOW from deep within yourself.

If you are a real Twin Flame, the information that you share with the collective is an additional resource to an other Twin Flame newbie who is looking for a perspective at how to tackle their situation — you will actually feel it within yourself that you are being understood as a Twin Flame every time you talk to other Twin Flames.

Talking to other Twin Flames should only be giving you affirmation that what you are going through is the real Twin Flame experience.

If you are afraid in any way about how others make you feel, you are either not experiencing a Twin Flame Journey and that is why you don’t Trust your inner knowing or you have so much deep-seated fear within yourself that you must work on to feel strong within yourself to not be shaken by other people’s ideas and words.

Remember that some people also pretend to be Twin Flames but they are not, therefore, first understand what another person’s perspective is before you absorb their information. You have Free will to Listen, Read or Understand on your own timing and at your own pace.

Your Twin Flame love keeps growing for you as much as your love keeps growing for them and you will always feel your hearts radiating love towards each other as you merge in Soul Oneness.

The love heart pulling is a signal that your Twin Flame is either thinking of you, longing for, or is desiring to be intimate with you.

No matter how many times you try to sever the bond so that you can move on from your Twin Flame, you will always end up at the center of your connection.

You are such a Wonderful Being — Keep believing in yourself and your Twin Flame Journey.
Twin Flame Chaser Pain: Why do Twin Flames Run?

You always think of your Twin Flame because of the Soul Oneness. It does not stop and thinking of them constantly will evolve into feeling the energy merging.

The Twin Flame Journey is a personal experience, Only you know how you are doing with your Process and it is Only You who understands what you are going through. Block the “Noise” out from the rest of us and keep doing the great work of your Twin Flame Journey.

Your Twin Flame will find it very uncomfortable when you say that you love them yet you seem to be committed to your marriage because of your marital obligations. You have no control over how they respond to your situation so do not feel frustrated. If they love you, they will wait for you.

Be ready to be judged and scorned upon when you make the needed changes in your life so that you can be with your Twin Flame because you will have to change so that you can have a chance to be with your Twin Flame. The Twin Flame experience will change your life so that you can be authentic in every aspect of it.

I recommend these Self-help Books for you, please check the free Samples to see if any other Books resonates with you. You can also have access to my entire Library of Self-help Books for Twin Flames here: SILVIA MOON’S Self-Help Books Library for Twin Flames.

Stay Blessed, and I wish you the best of Luck on your Twin Flame Journey.

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