What does it mean when things about your Twin Flame no longer trigger you? I used to get so nervous, scared & felt my heart would explode out of my chest. I still love him Though we don’t speak?

Yes, I am feeling like this lately. From my experience, it is because I have healed and there is no more fear or pain for my Twin Flame to trigger from within myself.
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I completely feel as though I am back to the “Bubble Love” phase when I first encountered my Twin Flame; the Love that I have for him keeps growing stronger now that I don’t have any fears or pain. All I feel is the deep love for my Twin Flame.

At the beginning of our encounter, I was free with him and I opened my heart completely to him because I didn’t even know anything about Twin Flames. I had no fear or pain at the beginning and I am back to feeling exactly the same way but better.

Energetically, I feel so much more empowered than at the beginning of the Twin Flame encounter because I have grown from learning my Soul lessons. I am also much more aware of the Special Connection that I have with my Twin Flame. Basically, I am Woke!

I appreciate you asking this question because it speaks to me!

You can also have access to my entire Library of Self-help Books for Twin Flames here: SILVIA MOON’S Self-Help Books Library for Twin Flames.

I wish you the best of Luck on your Twin Flame Journey. Everything eventually gets easier as you grow into accepting to embody your Shared Twin Flame Energy.

Blessings to you all!

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