Why is it that in Separation the suppose Runner deals with things differently than the suppose Chaser?

It is just a matter of perspective when it comes to dealing with the Twin Flame Experience. The most obvious reason is that despite the fact that Twin Flames are the same Soul, they are still two different individuals who share a strong bond. We all go about how we deal with things differently.

From the Runner perspective, both Twin Flames the Chaser and the runner are acting from a space of Fear that is why the Chaser is Chasing their divine counterpart thinking that they will feel whole if their runner divine counterpart acknowledges their Love. The Chaser is still running from themselves from an energetic perspective.

So many factors can delay how Twin Flames go about their Twin Flame experiences and hence it will affect their Dynamic with their divine partner in the Connection.
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The runner, on the other hand, is also driven by fear to run from their divine counterpart thinking that physically avoiding the Chaser will fix how they feel deep within themselves. Still, the runner is running from themselves because their Twin Flame partner reflects all their fears and pain towards them.

Of course, both partners deal with the situation differently depending on their life situation at the time of meeting each other. Apart from the Twin Flames dealing with their energetic Love Connection, so many other physical factors affect their responses to how they tackle their Twin Flame situation.

Some runners, or chasers could still be stuck in resolving their Karmic relationships, which eats away at their energy — this means that Soul Growth and having time for oneself is challenging sometimes which results into the Twin Flame feeling like their Progress is Slow.

Some Twin Flames are going through the Twin Flame Process but they have little time to focus on themselves because of busy work schedules, stressful living situations, and challenging life situations. If you are the runner having challenges in your Life situation, it increases your stress levels, and all you want is to Stay further away from your Twin Flame until you are ready flying Face Yourself and inner wounds.

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I wish you the best of Luck on your Twin Flame Journey. Everything eventually gets easier as you grow into accepting to embody your Shared Twin Flame Energy.

Blessings to you all!

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