How long does it take for a Twin Flame unawakened to start to feel deeply for the other?

I panicked when I realized that I had messed up our relation between my Twin Flame and me so I started to call him, text him endlessly to say Sorry and I wanted things to get back the way they were before I ran. My Twin Flame only ran further from me and I chased him in all different ways; I unblocked him on social media but he refused to friend me back.
The Twin Flame Runner Perspective. You are always Connected at the Soul.

The feelings and the deep bond is the starting point of the Twin Flame Awakening. All true Twin Flames are pushed into this Awakening Journey after you have tested that deep unconditional Love that only your Twin Flame has ever shown to you.

I was so confused by what I was experiencing because I could not control it and then it hit me that I could have spoilt my Relationship with my Twin Flame. I realized that what I was experiencing was not Ordinary because the Love I have for my Twin Flame was only getting stronger and deeper every day.
Twin Flame Awakening Guide — A Simple Inspiration for Newbies.
The Twin Flame Book of Positive Affirmations & Soul Growth Inspirations.

You can be naive about the idea of Twin Flames and you can also be Unawakened to the Spiritual nature of the Twin Flame Experience but the feelings and the deep bond between Twin Flames Always exists.

It is also because of the unbreakable bond between Twin Flames, the couple can be physically separated but they still think of each other every day and Twin Flames always feel each other and miss being together.

I tried to Contact my Twin Flame a million times but in vain. Every time I “chased” him, I was thrown into a certain kind of Soul Healing. I faced the Dark Night of the Soul during this chaotic time.
How to Manage the Pain of Physical Separation from a Twin Flame — A Guide For Recovery & Healing

The Soul Growth lessons are also triggered by the deep love that Twin Flames have for each other. No matter how intense and complicated the physical situation could be between Twin Flames, you will realize that True Twin Flames have total acceptance of their Journey and they put in all the hard work because Love gives you the strength to go through tough times.

Twin Flames keep the trust and faith in their experience because what they feel for each other is genuine and authentic unconditional Love.

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I wish you the best of Luck on your Twin Flame Journey. Everything eventually gets easier as you grow into accepting to embody your Shared Twin Flame Energy.

Blessings to you all!

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