How would you express your true feelings to your Twin Flame?

If you keep the trust and the respect that you have for each other intact, you are always able to express your love freely and you can always talk about your feelings.
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Just because your Twin Flame “runs” from you, it doesn’t mean that what you feel for each other is destroyed but you are still who you are to each other.

Also, you must not have expectations when you are freely expressing your genuine feelings to your Twin Flame because how they respond to the connection is totally their own personal experience which has nothing to do with you as a person.

The Soul Growth lessons are also triggered by the deep love that Twin Flames have for each other. No matter how intense and complicated the physical situation could be between Twin Flames, you will realize that True Twin Flames have total acceptance of their Journey and they put in all the hard work because Love gives you the strength to go through tough times.
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Remember that Twin Flames know each other at a Soul level; there is no fear when opening up to each other. Always use the truth of your Soul when talking to your Twin Flame because it is a unique way you both get each other.

Whenever you have the chance, tell your Twin Flame how you feel, talk to them and show your Twin Flame. Life is too short to suppress Love.

Are you new to this experience or just looking for simple inspirations to keep doing the great work on your Twin Flame Journey? Please go hereSILVIA MOON’S Self-Help Books Library for Twin Flames.

Stay Blessed.

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