Why do so many people think that reuniting with their Twin Flame in a loving relationship is impossible?

No matter how much influence Divine timing has on the Twin Flames Journey, the Twin Flame pair itself has Free will to want to be together or not.
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I believe that since the Twin Flame Journey is a personal experience, it is impossible to understand each person’s particular goals.

From my experience, every true Twin Flame aspires to someday have closure with their Twin Flame; this “hope” keeps the Twin Flames persevering, and in Faith that everything on their Twin Flame Flame that is challenging to them will be all worth it somebody once a Union happens.

Also, remember that some people are not true Twin Flames but they are only experts at what they say whether it is a positive or negative thing.
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For me, this whole Twin Flame Experience is more like going through college knowing that I will be graduating someday but I can’t control the process of getting to “graduation” which is the final reunion.

I did nothing wrong to find my Twin Flame and I deserve to have closure finally after all these Soul lessons, Union is my ultimate goal because our Connection is too good to pass on.

Don’t worry about what others are doing, or saying because you know better than anybody how your Twin Flame Journey is going.
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I believe that we as the people experiencing the Twin Flame Journey are the best to tell if a Union with our own Twin Flames is possible or not depending on whether you want to finally unite together or not.

Keep doing what you do best and have faith that what you believe as your outcomes will happen.

I have written easy to read Twin Flame Self-Help books in my #bio that you might want to check out for further inspiration. SILVIA MOON’S Self-Help Books Library for Twin Flames.

Stay Blessed!

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