Why does it take so much out of a person in the Twin Flame Journey that it feels like Therapy is much needed?

I say this because as you grow into your Twin Flame experience, you start to grow the Unified Energy of Oneness with your Twin Flame. I call it the “Shared Energy” because you continuously merge in energy with your Twin Flame as you progress on your Twin Flame Journey.
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The Twin Flame Journey is an accelerated energy purging process. From my experience, if I was not triggered into this Spiritual awakening by my Twin Flame, Spiritual Enlightenment could have been such a slow gradual process over an extended period of time for me to achieve the wonderful Soul Growth results that I have achieved within only a period of over two years.

I feel like the emotional purge gets so intense because when I met my Twin Flame, I have had to purge pain that was lodged within me that had accumulated from the previous lifetimes.

That is why it is important to preserve and protect your energy during this Twin Flame Experience. Your energy is your Currency so it is important to invest it wisely.

There is no “break” from the Twin Flame experience because whether you are running from your Twin Flame or “Chasing” them, you still feel connected to your Twin Flame in every moment of your day. Your Twin Flame’s essence becomes part of who you are once you Awaken the Love that you both feel for each other.
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The Twin Flame Runner Perspective. You are always Connected at the Soul.

You can create your own energy healing therapy my mediating, and doing daily practices that keep your energy vibration in a positive boost.

Even when you are sleeping, you can feel your energy being drained because of the energy share with your Twin Flame.

The Twin Flame experience can’t be stopped once it is initiated.
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My self-help Book Picks:

You can also have access to my entire Library of Self-help Books for Twin Flames here: SILVIA MOON’S Self-Help Books Library for Twin Flames.

Thanks for asking this question. I wish you the best of luck on your Journey.

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