How can you connect with your Twin Flame Telepathically if you’re in Separation?

Before we discuss the different scenarios, I am confident about how Telepathy works with my Twin Flame because I experienced it when we briefly met initially and this is why I can recognize the feelings and the emotions especially if it is initiated by my Twin Flame.
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I don’t know about other Twin Flames but on my end, Telepathy with my Twin Flame has been simple for me right from the start of the Awakening, and as I grow into embracing my shared Twin Flame energy, Telepathy with my Twin Flame is getting easier and effortless.

I have three scenarios that I can share with you; there are different ways I utilize Telepathy for my benefit during my Twin Flame experience.

In scenario one; Telepathy is natural. It happens on its own without any effort on my side.

In these scenarios, I always feel the urge to hide in a quiet dark corner to go inside myself to either meditate or put on my favorite music. Usually, once I find peace and quiet, I end up connecting with my Twin Flame instantly without thinking about it.

Other natural scenarios include my dreams; I can feel, see and connect with my Twin Flame — our Shared energy always takes over in these scenarios. Sometimes I feel his essence embrace me, and sometimes I get goosebumps all over my body because of the “touch” sensations as if he is kissing me, touching me or holding me.

The second telepathic communication Scenario is the one where I initiate the connection deliberately. Sometimes I am lonely or if I miss my Twin Flame terribly, I begin to pull his energy in with my feelings and my thoughts.
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In this scenario, I go into deep meditation and I deliberately focus on what I want my Twin Flame to feel. When I send to him my emotional pain, usually I get back an intense feeling of longing, loneliness, and Guilt. On the other hand, when I deliberately meditate with a heart full of Love and Empathy, I get back feelings of Bliss and Euphoria.

The third, and last scenario for telepathic communication is the most “annoying” kind and it is usually initiated from the side of my Twin Flame. I recognize this kind of telepathic communication through the unending “Mental Chatter” that starts from the blue.

I could be in a crowd of people but still, have my own mental bubble chatting away with my Twin Flame in my mind.
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In this scenario, it is helpful when I am solving a Complicated life challenge, my Twin Flames energy is always present and we both usually find solutions in that instant.

I Love playing Chess when I am Tuned in with my twin Flame’s mind because the process of getting to the results is so much more rewarding than the results since I love contemplating my thoughts as if my Twin Flame is in the room.

Sometimes it is annoying when the mental conversations won’t stop especially if I am having a good time with a group of people; usually, I just want to tune out from the telepathic Connection so that I can enjoy my life.

Sometimes I am attacked by Twin Flame’s telepathic energy when I am doing the most awkward things like if I am on the Toilet if I am not in the mood to interact energetically and sometimes my “dates” get interrupted abruptly.

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One thing for sure, I feel my energy in my Twin Flame even if we haven’t seen each other in over two years. I feel like a part of myself is always with him as much as a part of him is present within myself. His energy is always awake within me; it feels like “We live inside each other”.

I am also sure that Telepathy happens differently for every Twin Flame pair.

I am sure about my kind of Telepathic communication because it is real for me; I exercised it with my Twin Flame physically when we were together and it worked effortlessly and I also believe my own experiences and feelings.

In one of my Books; “How to Manage the Pain of Twin Flame Physical Separation”, I talk explicitly how Telepathy works for me every day to manage and ease the pain of Separation. It always feels like half of your World is taken away once you Separate from your Twin Flame.

Thank you for this question, I hope my answer helps.

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